Born in 1991 in the city of Dimona, Israel, where Akiva’s father Rabbi David Turgeman is the Head of the Yeshiva Gevoha and Akiva’s grandparents were among the founding families of Dimona. 

After serving as a combat soldier in Golani – IDF, Akiva enrolled in Mizmor Music Academy. 

Akiva was lead singer for the band “Halev ViHa ma’ayan” and cooperated in the “Tzamah” project featuring Chabad melodies throughout the years. 

After the entire country was swept away with mega-hit songs like “Al Ta”azvi Yadayim”, “Pshutim”’, “Atah Holech Iti” and “Shalom BaBayit”, Akiva now has a brand new show performing latest material from the album “Al Ta”azvi Yadayim”. 

This new concert is a heartfelt musical journey overflowing with emotion – touching each and every person’s soul. 

Akiva is definitely the new upcoming Israeli Dati Rock Star, with millions of views on youtube, songs played on all radio stations, and hits at the top of the charts with an ever-growing audience already filled with a diverse crowd and his very own groupies. 

Akiva’s concerts are a unique emotional experience due to the unusual interwoven texts – both complex and simple – allowing him and his band to bring a unique blend and wide spectrum of music to the audience. 

Akiva has performed non-stop in the past year, performing at concerts and festivals throughout Israel. 

Akiva lives in Jerusalem with his wife Tzurit and their four children.